Agricultural Byproducts *complete with Madagascar Memes

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Today I was wondering what exactly to write about, but like always, I got lucky. I explained that I wanted to post but I just couldn’t come up with anything earlier today to an extension agent and she recommended agriculture by products. They are an important topic in agriculture. By the way..It’s crazy to think Madagascar came out in 2005. That’s nine years ago. I am reminded of how increasingly ancient I get everyday.

When you think of agriculture, hopefully you think of food. Without agriculture we’d be bare, naked and hungry. The land would be bare, we would have no fiber to make clothing out of and we would of course be hungry because there would be no food industry. These are some of the more obvious things that agriculture influences, however much of the time we forget about the by products.

If I asked you how you interacted with agriculture today and your answer was simply I didn’t then I have to be real honest with you. I don’t know that in our lifestyle it’s possible not to. As a consumer you may feel that you haven’t been influenced by agriculture today. However, there are agricultural by products in a lot of items. Regardless of if you ate today you have supported the agriculture sector. How?

1. Did you shower at some point today, or at least wash your hands? Gosh, I hope so. Many hair conditioner, shampoo and shaving cream products use fatty acids from beef.

2. Women, getting ready in the morning would be impossible without ag by products. How many of you wear makeup. Lot’s of plant byproducts. Did you tease your hair this morning, or brush with an all natural brush? Mine’s made out of boar bristles thank you to the pork industry.
3. Did you fill up your car with fuel today, or at least drive? Ethanol is a corn byproduct.
4. Do your children find entertainment in coloring with crayons? The fatty acids from beef help make them.
5. Do you work in an office or wrote something down today? Chances are you probably used paper, made from trees from the timber industry. Soybean comprised the ink you used.
6. Please…tell me you wore clothes today? A common fiber for clothing is cotton and this is another byproduct. Not only that but your sheets you slept in and the towel you dried off with after your shower were probably also cotton.
Agriculture is fantastic and there’s no way for us to live without it’s food products or byproducts. So when you get the chance, tell people that agriculture really is in everything. The jig is up.
When you get an opportunity, thank a farmer or rancher because they have chosen to share the blessing of modern convenience we get to experience in our everyday lives.
How consumers feel when they find out how much impact farmers have on their everyday life
How consumers feel when they find out how much impact farmers have on their everyday life

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