How Will TPP Impact Farmers?

There’s been a large amount of discussion surrounding TPP and how it will influence trade between the United States and other countries. Yet, still many don’t understand what this piece of legislation is other than a fun acronym our presidential candidates have been throwing out occasionally.  It can be difficult to keep up with what this agreement entails and this is why I’ve chosen to blog about it. I want you to understand how it will have an impact here at home on those who produce our food.

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6 Things Your Nutritionist Wants You to Know

March is National Nutrition Month and many nutrition professionals around the United States are using this as an opportunity to educate people within the community about good nutrition. It’s no secret that most people struggle to find good, sound nutrition advice. One would think with the advances in technology and our unlimited access to the web, it would be easy… The reality- it’s more difficult. People are bombarded with, “eat this, not that” propaganda. Self proclaimed food experts push unregulated, opinion based nutrition information to the public through various blogs, obtaining followers from all over the world through scare tactics- avoid GMO’s, eat organic, don’t eat beef or dairy, avoid gluten! What is a consumer to do?!?

As a “wanna be” nutrition professional, aspiring registered dietitian, and former trend follower, there are a few things I’ve learned over the years and I’ve created a list to hopefully assist you in your journey to finding a balanced diet.

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6 Things To Know About Krupa’s Wool Ad

A few days ago a video was shared by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) featuring Joanna Krupa entitled “Wool: The Naked Truth” to convince consumers not to purchase wool products by comparing the shearing of sheep to domestic violence. After Krupa introduces herself upbeat elevator music is cued and the theatrics of this campaign are revealed as you see faux blood being dabbed onto a faux lamb as well as the speaker who is described as having ‘stripp[ed]’ down to share her message. PETA who often uses women portrayed in overly sensationalized way with minimal clothing to share their view upon animal rights.

Here are 6 things to know if you’ve seen this video in your newsfeed and aren’t quite sure what to think:

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Decoding Dr. Oz’s Special on American Beef


I found out Dr. Oz was doing a special on beef in America. As a state and national beef ambassador I thought, why would I not watch it?

I would typically be at work but was actually home sick. I guess that’s one of the only benefits.

For everyone that did watch it that has limited experience in the beef industry, you were probably left with lingering questions. I know if I wasn’t knowledgeable about where my beef comes from I would be in the same situation.

Where we source our beef has come from farmers and ranchers that are continually concerned about improving by ensuring we have access to a safe product that comes from a healthy animal while impacting natural resources as minimally as possible.

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That Awkward Moment Monsanto Doesn’t Cause Microcephaly


I hear it all the time and see it all the time over social media.

The demonization of Monsanto as the bane of the earth. Monsanto this, Monsanto that – obviously it was Monsanto’s fault because somehow they caused all the bad in the world.

The comments on anything not even remotely related to Monsanto literally become Monsanto related.

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FFA Is On Fleek



When I was a kid, I joined the National FFA organization because it sounded like the bomb diggity if you’re into animals, leadership, and agriculture. Which lets be honest – it is.

You may have recently seen a blog post circulating about FFA and it doesn’t portray it in the most positive light. It’s also not super accurate. But there are a lot of misconceptions about what FFA is. I remember excitedly announcing I had the opportunity to attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis when a classmate responded with “What is that? Like a convention for hicks?” I shrugged it off and chuckled not thinking it mattered. But today I’m going to answer that a little more thoroughly.

Who better to write about FFA than someone who was a member from middle school through the collegiate level? FFA is known for their creed and their code of ethics – which all members pride themselves in.

When I saw them grossly misrepresented I was like was not today!


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But First – Let Me Take a #Felfie

If there’s one thing everyone in a room can relate too – it’s probably taking selfies.

Seriously – everyone does it. Don’t lie to yourself. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or how many candles you blew out on your last birthday cake – it happens. You get all dressed up and try a billion different angles (because lord knows every angle on ever person isn’t flattering) to post that one picture. Heck there are even tons of articles about how to post the perfect one.

Those developing communications technology know too – that’s why there’s now an album on my iPhone just for selfies.

So in case you were wondering there’s a specific kind of selfie that’s fairly popular on social media if you’re involved at all in agriculture. It’s called a #Felfie. Yes – it’s actually kind of popular.

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The Truth About Antibiotics in Your Meat


I know that approaching the meat case is overwhelming to most people. How are you supposed to pick a choice that’s going to benefit your health and the health of your family when you probably have never raised anything in that case?

The fact that all sorts of restaurants and brands are jumping on the bandwagon and boasting their products are ‘antibiotic free’ probably  makes you weary of buying anything that isn’t labeled that way. Let’s face it – everything is labeled out the wazoo today.

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