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I think we got our first Christmas Advent Calendar two years ago. It was lovely. The Christmas Advent Calendar was cardboard with twenty-five little doors each covered in an ornate Christmas illustration. Inside, there was chocolate. However, as much as I love chocolate,  I love Christmas experiences more.  There are so many fun things to be enjoyed during December. Putting it on a list like this highly increases the likelihood that it will happen. I’ve combined my list of all things lovely for December in this Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. While these  free printables here aren’t necessary they will make the whole process a little quicker!

I’ve wanted to create a Christmas Tree Advent Calendar like this one for as long as I could remember. Probably since I got a Pinterest, which was essentially high school.

Why Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendar?

I think that while the Christmas Advent Calendars that you can purchase are great that the one you make at home is even better. For instance, while I don’t have kiddos many people do. We all know that even kids that share great will probably not be able to share one prize in an advent calendar. Or one piece of chocolate.

There’s nothing wrong with a small prize (or two) in each day, but experiences are truly what makes Christmas special. They don’t have to cost an immense amount of money, or really any money at all – to be unique.

Also whenever you get to put together a list of experiences (if you go that route) you get to customize them. Your Christmas Advent Calendar will be different than anyone else’s. On top of everyone having different traditions people are at different stages in their lives. Some people have kiddos, other people are part of couples and some will want to focus more on spending time with friends. There are also some activities that are incredibly dependent upon where you live. Really when you make your own Christmas Advent Calendar everybody wins!

DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

To make your own Christmas Advent Calendar the most important thing you’ll need is some sort of parcel to put any prizes or list of activities into. It doesn’t have to be fancy. The biggest joy many find in advent calendars (or presents in general) is definitely the unwrapping. So that’s something to keep in mind.

That’s why I chose these boxes, they are 2 inches by 2  inches so they don’t take up too much room. I found them on Amazon for just $5.99 per two dozen. This is pretty affordable and you can always choose no box for Christmas day which would have your needs covered.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Christmas Advent Calendar

Then you’ll need to identify 25 activities that you enjoy and for you embody Christmas. In my FREE printable I made sure to include some just for couples and some kiddos would enjoy. In addition to this I included some activities that New Mexicans might like and even for those of us that live where it snows! Once I printed mine I secured them with hot glue, though double sided tape would easily do.

Next you’ll need to place each activity (or prize) or combination of the two in your parcel. Label each parcel with a date to be opened on. I chose to secure them with these miniature clothespins from Hobby Lobby (each package of 20 is only $1.99).  I’ve also included these in free printables here . After identifying each box or bag with a date and activity then you can decorate them! I chose mini bottle brush trees (which I got for half off so it cost me about $3.00 in total for two packages of 12) and mini reindeer (that I got for 1/2 off ) and used hot glue to attach them to the lids.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps in some order then you can enjoy them! I loved the green and red chains we used to make in class, but as an adult this is even better.

Mine are currently living on the cabinet my great grandmother used to hide her secret smokes. The inside is even singed. It was also my grandmother’s vanity. I love having it in my living room!

Have you ever made a Christmas Tree Advent Calendar? I love mine and my favorite is that it just cost me $ 13.81. And I can re-use it for years to come. Click the box down below to have my FREE Printables sent straight to your inbox!

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