Dad’s Famous Rolled Taco Recipe

My parents have always seemed to be entertaining ever since I was small. They were blessed to find and keep some incredible family friends over the years. If we were having a big get together (most likely) dad would make his famous rolled tacos recipe. It was something that dad threw together in college with his best friend, roommate (and eventually the officiant at my wedding) Uncle Dan. In fact every time they make this recipe they call one another to catch up. Never will I forget the portrait of dad, neck tucked into his shoulder on the phone while browning hamburger meat or rolling tacos. Always with his hallmark paper towel hanging out of his front jean’s pocket. This recipe is easy, pretty cost-effective and a whole lot of delicious. That’s why today I chose to share dad’s famous rolled taco recipe.

For this recipe I used 2.5 pounds of ground beef and 21 La Bonita corn tortillas just to give you an idea of volume for a total of 21 tacos.

Dad’s Famous Rolled Taco Recipe

To begin you’re going to brown hamburger meat in a greased pan. Season it amply with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

You’re also going to want to start frying corn tortillas at this point. Just fill a pan up with enough oil to be able to slightly submerge the tortilla. Use tongs and cook both sides for 8 seconds flipping in between.

taco recipe

Once¬† everything is ready (and still warm/malleable) you’re going assembling this rolled taco recipe. This is the most time consuming part of the process. If you’ve done it for years like he has (or are just great in the kitchen) you can use a spatula to form a line of ground beef in each taco. Or you can use a measuring cup like me. It takes about 1/4 cup of hamburger meat per rolled taco.

To roll them make sure the line of hamburger meat is closest to the side you’re going to start rolling from. Tuck the outside of the corner on your right-hand side over enclosing the hamburger meat. Make sure that it’s tight or your tacos will fall apart! Then just continue to roll until it’s completely closed.

You’ll start to the rolled tacos in a line. Then Wa-lah, you’re done!

If you want to make this rolled taco recipe a little crispier (like a restaurant taco) after this bake them in the oven for just a few minutes around 350 degrees to crisp up the outside.

Have any spare corn tortillas left? Either divide the tortilla up into quarters to make these Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips or load them with cheese and melt them to make a soft cheese taco!

Do you have a favorite taco recipe?


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