FREE Printable 2018 Calendar (Modern Farm Theme)

As this year draws to a close all I’ve heard about has been New Year’s resolutions. We’ve written about the secrets behind writing (and keeping) the best ones here. You’ll need something more in-depth to keep track of all of the targets you are using to achieve them. However – there’s nothing wrong with good organization. It makes life a lot easier! That’s why we decided to provide you with this FREE Printable 2018 Calendar.

FREE Printable 2018 Calendar

If you’re a sucker for farming or ranching, heck just American agriculture in general – this printable 2018 calendar is perfect for you. All of the photos are my own. They have been taken across farms and ranches in New Mexico and even the Midwest. As an avid photographer passionate about where our food comes from I thoroughly enjoyed taking them. I wanted a modern aesthetic. I’ve also been in love with black and white photographs as long as I can remember. There is a sense of simplicity I wanted to incorporate into the chaos of my office.

FREE Printable 2018 Calendar

Changing the Perception of American Agriculture

I think what separates this calendar from so many others is it’s inclusiveness. Google ‘farm calendars’. If they feature animals their portraits are essentially stock photography. The lighting is perfect (artificial by nature). They also seem to be full of the hallmark of American agriculture – an idyllic red barn. It’s often nestled between trees, hills and in a grassy area. I love red barns just as much as the next person. They are gorgeous! But oftentimes this singular portrayal of American agriculture can prevent consumers from understanding the diversity within. These photos are not by any means a full representation of American agriculture. But they attempt to show a full (er) spectrum of differences.

A More Inclusive Portfolio of American Agriculture

Modern American agriculture can be and is often very specialized for a singular commodity. However individual farmers and ranchers may also raise several different animals or crops.

Not to mention that many (but not all) family farms and ranches have grown in scale. Some of the ranches I visited were of a smaller scale when compared with the pig farm pictured. The pig farm I interned at was part of Legacy Farms which consists of a network of several different pig farms.

The photos taken in New Mexico have rather austere plains or simply pens. The photos taken in the outdoors of the Midwest are carpeted with rich grass. Some animals are primarily raised indoors, outdoors, or in part as a combination of the two. Farmers and ranchers operate in a wide variety of environments found throughout the United States. I also chose a photo of a field of flowers from California (I only wish I had more photos of the wide variety of plants raised in the United States). Lacking are photos of poultry barns, egg farms and about a million other animals and plants.

Some Things Stay the Same

However, what has remained constant despite these changes is that nearly all farms and ranches are still family owned. All animals and plants on farms and ranches (conventionally raised, organically raised and further niche specific) are raised by families who care about the welfare of the animals and health of the land.

If you’re interested in learning more about agriculture, we have lots of posts. Some focus on dairy farms, beef, how pigs are raised, GMO’s, etc.

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