Very Berry Heart Ombre Pancake Stacks

As I mentioned before, I think a great way to show love to those that are special in your life on Valentine’s day is to start out their day in the best way possible. One option would of course be this fabulous Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Bouquet┬ábut if you’re more into pancakes I wanted to share with you a super cute way to dress those up! This recipe isn’t really difficult at all and they don’t take much longer than traditional pancakes – so why not make them festive? That’s why I wanted to share with you today how I made these Very Berry Heart Ombre Pancake Stacks.

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Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Bouquet

Valentines day will be here soon, and I don’t know about you but I feel like sometimes men can be pretty hard to buy for. Yes, there are some things that your significant other may want that are pretty specific. You should probably know what those are, but a great food supplement is always super handy. You could be that person that just gives candy – but where’s the originality in that? Give him what he really wants – a Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Bouquet!

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(Microwaveable) 4 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup

I talked about how much I adored lazy Sunday mornings in an earlier post, and essentially if we weren’t having biscuits, we were probably having pancakes. I don’t have an incredibly fantastic pancake recipe, but mine were probably a little different than what you grew up eating. That’s because even though we did have regular bottled syrup to choose from, mom would make this special Microwaveable 4 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup to go with them. It’s not for everybody, but I LOVE it and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember being so excited to catch a whiff of chocolate from the hallway near the kitchen.

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