4 Step Sweet Butter Almond Bars

Two summers ago, I attended the United States Dairy Education and Training Consortium. This is an intensive six week program that focuses on providing a sustainable solution to incorporating excellent people with a passion for the Dairy industry into serving it. We would spend time on a dairy farm each weekday and went to a different one almost every single time. The very last dairy farm that we spent time on we were greeted by the family that works and owns it and they brought us something super tasty! They had just gotten these 4 Step Sweet Butter Almond Bars out of the oven and they were nice and toasty. I just HAD to get the recipe, and now I get to share it with you!

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5 Ingredient Funfetti Birthday Pancakes

I had wonderful birthdays growing up, and that always meant that mom would bake me a cake – whatever flavor I wanted. I went through phases of chocolate and spice cake but to this day, my favorite is by far Funfetti. I mean I was seriously considering a Funfetti wedding cake. I just love how all of the colors are so exciting! It’s like a surprise is waiting inside every time you cut a piece. In all honesty, it’s kind of like the magic of listening to your rice krispie cereal even when you’re over two decades old. This is why I wanted to put together a recipe to start the out the day of the person turning another year older right with these 5 Ingredient Funfetti Birthday Pancakes.

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BEST Whipped Cream Recipe EVER

I’ve had whipped cream other places, but lets be honest, I really don’t think I’ve ever had anything to top this. In all of my (almost) 22 years. This includes every restaurant I’ve ever been too or function that I’ve ever attended, nothing comes close. In fact even though I wasn’t able to make it back when I was invited once I started college the students in my high school chamber orchestra didn’t hesitate to call me and beg for me to bring it to their pancake breakfast. I only wish that I’d had the time to swing by with it because I truly understand the obsession. I think anyone who has tried the BEST Whipped Cream Recipe EVER would!

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