Thanksgiving Reflections

In all the hustle and bustle this time of year, it can seem impossible to remember to be grateful. But it’s necessary. In all honesty its pretty satisfying to be able to count your blessings when you make time. So today, I wanted to share with you what I am truly grateful for.

Thanksgiving Reflections

My Dogs

I love our dogs. They are always excited to see you any time of the day or night. They provide the perfect amount of extra heat for your toes. While they spend a large amount of time sleeping, they bring joy to my husband and I. In the morning both Allie and Miss Kay will tear around the house like banshees. Late in the afternoon they slumber in the most predictable and many times humorous positions. I’m also incredibly blessed that they are both healthy! Miss Kay hasn’t struggled with her back problems for about a year. Alley is high strung and always getting into something, but nothing a visit to the vet can’t fix!

My Family

I am incredibly blessed to have the family that I do. Even though my parents are all the way in Texas I know that they would pick up the phone in a heart beat if I needed anything. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am every time I get to spend part of the day with one of my siblings. They are here this Thanksgiving and even though our plans have been up in the air due to the health of another family member, it has all worked out. Garrett’s grandfather is doing a little better and we still get to spend the day with family regardless of where we are located.

Cooking and Food

One of my favorite products of cooking is of course – you guessed it – food. We only enjoy the traditional holiday dinner (turkey and all) about twice a year. This morning when dad had opened the door to bring the temperature inside down he commented that it “smelled like Thanksgiving” inside. With the rolling sizzle of the turkey in the background and smell of cornbread comingling nothing could be a better descriptor. This morning I got to help mom cook bacon while she finished up all of the sides. Cooking bacon is a labor of love, mostly because half of it’s gone before it makes it to the table. But it is therapeutic, just like learning how to cook with mom. Plus that means you get to lick the beater from the whipped cream and I’m all over that!

I’m also incredibly thankful that we are able to enjoy such a diverse and delicious meal – many do not have this luxury.

My Husband

I am incredibly grateful for my husband. He has a lot coming at him and still makes sure to take care of us in the best way possible. Not only me but he’s here to help our family with anything they need. He’s practically lived at the Rehab unit the past few days (when not at work) and even offered to get donuts for breakfast this morning. A few days ago I was watching 13 Going on 30. As a side note if you don’t, how can you not love this movie?

The scene where Jennifer Garner realizes that she and Matt aren’t friends anymore and that her life as an adult isn’t everything she’s ever dreamed off and requests a fluffy pillow and glass of water before she bursts into tears is literally me sometimes. Matt obliges her and quickly fetches water and a pillow. Because as ridiculous as this request is, that’s all she needs in that moment.

I know if that’s all I needed Garrett would make it happen. I teared up when I saw it because that’s just him. He would give anyone the shirt off of his own back to anyone. If he’s not helping me with errands at home he’s fixing something at my brother and sister’s home. Or running errands to help his grandparents in Deming. Marriage isn’t always easy, and it requires a lot of patience and compromise, but it’s so important to express gratitude each day. It truly is the little things that matter. You may not see all the little ways that your other half tries to be a good living partner, good spouse or good human being at first glance, but they probably spend a lot more time trying to please you than you ever stop to think about.

The Present & New Beginnings

This year for Thanksgiving is drastically different than last year. We’re all living in different places. We’re all in different stages in our lives. We are all working towards different goals. But yet this Thanksgiving is really not that different from when we had it at our parent’s home on San Andres. I am incredibly thankful we can all spend today together. In addition am grateful for the mild weather (even though that mean’s no snow it also means I can enjoy the porch while I write). I am also so excited because over the next few days it will officially be the holiday season. So we can decorate! The present its wonderful.

Next year, my husband and I will be wherever he is stationed for specialty training with the Marine Corps in November (fingers crossed). Probably Quantico. Which means that we will be able to have trees to enjoy¬† when the leaves change and snow! Snow and ice – but I’m kind of excited about that. That means I can actually break out the fall and winter wardrobe and enjoy it for ample time. We’ll probably be able to pick out a Christmas tree from an actual Christmas tree farm. I’ll (fingers crossed) have an internship I’m preparing for and will be blogging full time – which is literally my dream.

This time next year we’ll probably be getting ready to travel all over the east coast and I’m totally here for it! New beginnings can seem daunting, but they’re also exciting. As long as I have my husband and two beautiful fur babies, we will survive anything that is thrown at us.

Have you reflected on your blessings this year? What are you thankful for?



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