DIY pumpkin front door wreath

$13 Fall DIY Front Door Wreath

We’re full swing into celebrating fall around the Smelker household. Between baking pumpkin pies and making pumpkin spice for baking I also had time to make a DIY Front Door Wreath. You guessed it – there are pumpkins involved! But not your standard orange ones, gorgeous and simple white pumpkins. Not that it doesn’t look fabulous, but I think my favorite part was the cost involved. Not only did it only take an hour(ish) to make – but it also only cost like $13. The least expensive fall wreath I’ve seen is about $20 and in all honesty I didn’t even like it. I wanted it to be simple and modern. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween but I want a front door wreath that’s going to be able to transition through Thanksgiving. So today I’m going to show you how to put together your very first $13Fall DIY Front Door Wreath!

I decided I was wanting a wreath that had only a few colors that were very cool in nature. Instead of using your standard eucalyptus and olive branches, I chose to go a different route. As beautiful and trendy as those are at this point, I instead chose faux lambs ear. The texture is definitely great for the cooler damp fall weather that directs the gorgeous array of what few leaves we have that actually fall off. But it’s fuzziness also made it seem perfect for pre-Christmas.

Nearly every summer traveled to Carlsbad to spend a full week with my grandmother in the thriving metropolis of Carlsbad. It was a full week of being an only child and doing whatever you wanted. I loved eating homemade vanilla ice cream for breakfast, sleeping in incessantly and becoming attached to the maroon velvet chair while watching CSI for hours on end.

In the evenings when the sun had finally rescinded behind the mountains we would watch all of the mama raccoons bring their babies up to the porch for a midnight snack. During the day with all the down time I always took the time to pay homage to the lambs ear plant out front of her house. It’s mint green color and soft hairs made it beautiful in such a different way from the rest of the garden. So I chose faux lambs ear for the wreath.

$13 Fall DIY Front Door Wreath

For sake of cost I decided that instead of buying a wreath form, I would just round the base of a wire hanger.

Once I purchased the faux lambs ear from Walmart (3 parts) I begun trimming the ends down to size if need be. I also utilized the wire inside them to wrap them around the wire wreath base. After this I utilized floral wire (which I already had) to reinforce the attachment of the  I planned to leave about a quarter to a third of the wreath uncovered with only the stems showing as I would be attaching pumpkins here later.

I picked up three foam pumpkins from the dollar store (literally my favorite place as an adult). So just a $3 investment.

Then I painted them white. It took two coats to cover up the orange but had the effect I was looking for. It took about fifteen minutes each time I painted a coat. Here’s how they looked after the first one!

Then I brought out the hot glue gun. I used hot glue to strategically glue down different leafs. This tamed the wreath’s look and covered up anything that looked mismatched. I then attached some felt circles for traction to the wreath and pumpkins.

After this I hot glued them to the wreath. You could also use an ice pick to thread some heavy gauge floral wire through the bottom. This will give you more security if you want!

Wa-lah, there you have your DIY Front Door Wreath! And for just $13!

DIY pumpkin front door wreath

Do you have a wreath on your door during fall? What does it look like?

Because I already had the floral wire and white paint it could have been a little more of an investment. But still this is a very affordable option!

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