How to Embed an Animated GIF In Your Blog Post

Everyone loves GIFs. You’ve seen them all over the place! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Photos are great. Don’t get me wrong, I do photography on the side. A good photo can say a lot and truly tells a story. You can also use exciting verbs and excellent sensory descriptors when writing. But there’s just something about a good GIF that everyone can relate to. It’s the reason why half of the Buzzfeed posts are chock-full of them. They can be incredibly entertaining! In fact, I’ve even used them in a few posts like this one about what’s really in your hot dog.  They’re a great way to make a subject that’s a little dry for most more upbeat. Sometimes you just need a GIF in your life – so today we’re going to share with you how to embed an animated GIF in your blog post!

So get excited!

I’m talking like the first day after Halloween being the first official day of almost Christmas excited.


How to Embed an Animated GIF in a Blog Post

Start by visiting GIPHY. Once you decide what kind of GIF can adequately express your emotions, you’re going to be searching for it in the bar near the upper part of the page.

How to Embed a GIF Into Your Blog Post

Next, select the GIF that will make your heart content. Then select embed on the right hand side of your GIF.

This will bring you to the code that you’re going to actually embed. Embed sounds like a scary word, so does code or the verb coding – but we’ve got you covered! The biggest thing to remember here is that you’ll  need to select the ON button. This is what makes sure that your GIF is responsive (i.e. it will adjust to the size of screen it’s present on which is really important for those accessing your post on their cell phone).

Copy the code and paste it into your blog post, make sure to select the Text view beforehand so you are pasting it correctly.

You can then switch back over to the visual tab and your GIF should populate.

Once you’re completely done with your post and hit publish then the world will be able to see all of your fantastic GIFs and fabulous work! It’s not too hard to embed an animated GIF into your post now is it?

So celebrate by making GIFs a part of your next blog post! Comment below with your plans on how you’ll be using them!



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