How to Write New Years Resolutions that Don’t Suck


Now I’m sure everyone is knee deep in eating black eyed peas and incredibly excited about a kiss at midnight. These are all great New Years Eve traditions! But do you know what’s even better? Writing up new years resolutions.

Many Americans do, but hardly any actually achieve them. According to Elite Daily less than 8% of people actually do.


There are lots of theories as to why this happens. Some think that it’s because we start off not believing in ourselves enough and others are so cynical that they won’t even make any resolutions.

But I think a big factor is that we’re not setting goals in a way to actually make them work better. I didn’t come up with the idea of “SMART” goals, but I definitely think that it’s worth sharing. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. After all you want to have “NO RAGRETS” like Scotty P. when you write them out. Seriously – who wants to re-do them a few days later?



Do you remember writing stories in English in elementary school? Your teachers may have told you to answer the five W’s: Who, Why, What, When and Where and that would help you get started. Same deal here. Instead of writing “I’m going to build a photography business” a more useful goal would be “I’m going to build a photography business which will make X number of dollars annually and this will be accomplished by working for X number of  clients each week”.


Your goal has to be measurable. And you will need target dates to help you measure your success. Lets say you want to get in shape for a race or something of that nature, you would need to set target dates to evaluate your progress. Think of them as ‘mini-goals’ to help keep you on track. You can’t wake up and expect to run a marathon if you can’t meet your minimum goals each week/month/etc.



Change is exciting and that’s what you’re trying to do. However – there are constraints. It’s called real life. You can do everything in your power to accomplish your goals but it needs to be understood that there is a certain degree of growth to accomplish them that you’ll need and this does take time. You definitely have the capacity to accomplish anything you can imagine but you need to understand that there are perhaps financial limits or time constraints or the development of new skills that need to be considered. Ultimately – challenge yourself but don’t overwhelm yourself. There is a difference.


Basically you need to be willing and able to work towards your goal. What makes this goal to relevant to your future? It’s important to know this because if this piece of dedication and validation isn’t here – you can kiss your resolve and ultimately your goal goodbye.


Set your end date and stick to it! This isn’t negotiable because there’s always ‘tomorrow’. Giving yourself a date leads to a sense of urgency which will help motivate you to actually accomplish all of your mini goals and be successful.

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p.s. Happy New Years from Belle & Miss Kay!



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