The Best 4 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix

It’s starting to warm up in the land of enchantment but storm systems are still moving along the eastern coast and are making for some intense wind. Winter is out with a vengeance. While we are having wind here, and even some rain recently – our temperatures are warming up. Winter isn’t my favorite season, I mean essentially after New Years it’s just a time that’s miserably cold before vibrant blooms dot the landscape. But it is an excuse to wear some of your heavier cute outfits one last time before they recede into the depths of your closet and also an excuse for warm drinks. That’s why I LOVE this super simple 4 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix.

This is the same hot cocoa mix that I’ve grown up with since I was small. We rarely get any sort of precipitation in the desert. White Sands, which is an hour from here; gets less than eleven inches on average. My most vivid memories of the storms  were those in the monsoon season when the clouds would darken the sky out of nowhere giving us a reprieve from the hot July sun.

In the evenings when you could see fingers of lightning strike for miles because of our especially flat landscape when we had a down pour I remember my father would walk out onto the porch just to watch the drops come down to the earth. If it was an especially hard rain, he would take a cup of hot cocoa outside with him, and so for me I drink hot cocoa year round whenever it’s gloomy or we get any water. Without any further to do, here’s how to make my mom’s 4 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix.


You’ll need to find a large bowl and place powdered milk, coffee creamer, confectioner’s sugar and hot cocoa mix inside.

You need to mix them together vigorously, I chose to use a whisk.
Wa-lah you’re done, just like that.

Now, to actually drink it you’ll need to warm up a full mug of hot water and pour it into another mug that has half to two-thirds of it’s volume filled with powder.

You can always top it off with marshmallows, whipping cream or chocolate syrup, but this is good enough I enjoy it plain.

Just look at that foam, YUM!

If you’re looking for something else chocolate and sweet, be sure to check out our Mini Chocolate Cream Pies.

Mom’s original recipe is double what is described below. To this day dad still takes all the ingredients in a giant plastic container and shakes the clabber out of it so it’s properly mixed. Since mine is half that, luckily I get to nix that and just use my trusty whisk. However, if you have kiddos at home (or are a self admitted hot cocoa addict) I would definitely use the larger mix.

4 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix


4 Quarts of Powdered Milk

1/2 Pound of Confectioner’s Sugar

4 oz Coffeemate Original Creamer

8 oz Swiss Miss Mix (You can substitute in any hot cocoa mix here)


I LOVE my 4 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix because not only is it easy to throw together, but its way more delicious than anything I’ve ever found in a diner, coffee shop, or even regular restaurant.


What’s your favorite hot beverage to enjoy this time of year?



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