Cheap Christmas Wreath Upgrade

I don’t know about you, but I like to be thrifty. There’s nothing wrong with that. Including for all things Christmas -related. A few years ago one of the local second-hand stores had a  Christmas in July sale and I filed the entire back of my Toyota. But in all fairness, where else would you find a reindeer sock monkey or wreaths for just $1? At least in the case of wreaths, you can’t. At least not full-size ones. Fast forward a few years, and my budget is a little different. But I still am not paying $40-$60 for a standard Christmas wreath. It’s not happening. We’re not even talking about the giant wreaths, those run about $200. Just for a plain old Christmas wreath. Plus, I wanted a modern feel – so I took to Hobby Lobby.

Real Christmas wreaths are beautiful. But even if you make your own, they are still $20 a piece. If I’m going to invest that kind of capital into Christmas decorations, they’re going to last me a LONG time. So that’s what I decided to do.

Cost Breakdown

Everything I purchased from Hobby Lobby has was half off (this is important to note) and I had some supplies (floral wire, wire cutters) at home. So for $15 I was able to upgrade the $5 standard wreath form below and make it GORGEOUS!

It’s nothing fancy, but was half as expensive as Targets and a lot better quality! Plus, I’m a little lazy. I didn’t want to start from the bare bones. It also probably would have been more or just as expensive too.

I chose some pretty trendy (in my opinion) and also holiday themed faux greenery from Hobby Lobby. You’ll notice the eucalyptus spray ($6.99/unit half off), something I can’t identify that was in the holiday Christmas section ($5.99/unit half off), and some delicate baby pink blossoms ($5.99/unit half off) I’m kind of all about light pink and rose gold this Christmas.

Cheap Christmas Wreath Upgrade

I also chose to use pine cones to make it a little more Christmas-y ($3.99/unit half off).

Cheap Christmas Wreath Upgrade

To start I used my wire cutters to cut all of my floral supplies down into sprigs that were more manageable. They were also more natural looking than incorporating an entire faux stem into the wreath.

I started with my Christmas themed sprigs and wired them into the wreath base. Already a HUGE improvement, right?

I also fluffed the original wreath base up a touch for a little more volume. Next, I wired the eucalyptus springs in!

Then I finally added the pink sprigs via wire as well. I tried to alternate the greenery on the inside or outside of the wreath and spaced them evenly. I filled in as needed.

Next I hot glued some of my pine cones to the wreath base.

And Wa-lah, it’s finished! I’m pretty in love with it and hope this gives you some inspiration for the holidays. Are you a lover of other Christmas DIYs? Be sure to check out our Christmas Advent Calendar and FREE Christmas Printables!

I think what I love most about making a wreath this way is that I can switch out or add to it year to year to keep it current looking! I’m pretty excited about upgrading the other cheap wreaths/forms from the secondhand store I found a few years ago.

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