Firecracker Cream Cheese Ball Bites

We all know what’s this Sunday. Yep, it’s here. The Superbowl. I’m not a football person, but my fiance absolutely loves it. I pretty much watch it in the background, but other than the commercials and food it’s not really my deal. However, with that being said it’s always fun to spend time with friends and family and that’s kind of what it’s all about anyhow! Of course you’ll need to feed some of the people you’re spending time with, and appetizers area  great way to do that! That’s why today I’m showing you how to make these Firecracker Cream Cheese Ball Bites!

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3 Step Mild Restaurant Style Salsa

Okay, so I already told you that I love chips. Specifically – tortilla chips. You also probably read about the delicious microwaveable Queso. But what about salsa? I’ll admit it I’m pretty partial to what I’ll eat. Pace is okay, it’s just essentially tomato paste. Sadies (which is made in New Mexico), specifically the hot kind of traditional – that’s where its at. But when you live in a place that doesn’t have access to this fantastic brand I have a really quick and easy 3 Step Mild Restaurant Style Salsa recipe to share!

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5 Ingredient Funfetti Birthday Pancakes

I had wonderful birthdays growing up, and that always meant that mom would bake me a cake – whatever flavor I wanted. I went through phases of chocolate and spice cake but to this day, my favorite is by far Funfetti. I mean I was seriously considering a Funfetti wedding cake. I just love how all of the colors are so exciting! It’s like a surprise is waiting inside every time you cut a piece. In all honesty, it’s kind of like the magic of listening to your rice krispie cereal even when you’re over two decades old. This is why I wanted to put together a recipe to start the out the day of the person turning another year older right with these 5 Ingredient Funfetti Birthday Pancakes.

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Sweet Basil Eggplant Lasagna

Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love Italian food and a favorite of mine has always been Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo but today I wanted to share my obsession with Eggplant with you! I first discovered my love for eggplant when I had a cream sauce based vegetarian  eggplant lasagna in middle school during Art Club. Now, I’m a meat eater and anyone who knows me knows that. So naturally, I would typically add meat to lasagna. If its not your thing, then you can just stick with sauce and noodles (or something noodle like as a substitute). However, I know that everyone is trying to watch their weight after the new year and while grains are an IMPORTANT part of your diet, sometimes its easier to temporarily cut calories when you lessen the amount you are consuming and one easy way to do this is to make this Sweet Basil Eggplant Lasagna.

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Easy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

I’ve kind of had a love affair with chicken alfredo since my second trip to Olive Garden. My first trip there I got something with meatballs and it made me sick, which was totally my ridiculous stomach’s fault. But my second trip – that’s pretty much dictated every experience I’ve had there since. Other than sauce getting skimped on occasionally, the fact that they grate as much additional cheese onto your pasta as you want and that you have pretty much unlimited salad and bread sticks practically makes up for that. Though I will admit that this recipe is EVEN BETTER with green chile in it, this is how to make Easy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.

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3 Ingredient (Microwaveable) Queso

So a few days ago I shared a recipe for these easy and delicious Two-Step Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, but what are chips without something to dip them in? That’s right – not near as good as they could be. One of my fiance’s favorite thing to eat them with is queso, and who can blame him, right? Queso is good year round but in my opinion it’s even better when it’s cold outside. If chile and cheese can’t warm your soul- then I’m pretty sure that you’re not a human being. That’s why I’m so excited to share this 3 Ingredient (Microwaveable) Queso recipe with you!

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BEST Whipped Cream Recipe EVER

I’ve had whipped cream other places, but lets be honest, I really don’t think I’ve ever had anything to top this. In all of my (almost) 22 years. This includes every restaurant I’ve ever been too or function that I’ve ever attended, nothing comes close. In fact even though I wasn’t able to make it back when I was invited once I started college the students in my high school chamber orchestra didn’t hesitate to call me and beg for me to bring it to their pancake breakfast. I only wish that I’d had the time to swing by with it because I truly understand the obsession. I think anyone who has tried the BEST Whipped Cream Recipe EVER would!

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Two-Step Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

I don’t think it’s a secret that good Mexican food is my THANG, but on top of enchiladas, tacos and green chile stew I really enjoy chips. Seriously, in the Southwest if you don’t fill your entire stomach up with their crunch goodness and the salsa on the table far before your food gets here you might not be a real New Mexican. There are a lot of people like me, and even if you don’t live where I do that doesn’t mean that every Mexican restaurant (authentic or not) isn’t going to have chips on the table. I mean, they may be served with watery tomato sauce but they’re probably good anyway. This is how you can easily home-make two-step restaurant style tortilla chips which are WAY better than what you can find out of a bag.

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(Microwaveable) 4 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup

I talked about how much I adored lazy Sunday mornings in an earlier post, and essentially if we weren’t having biscuits, we were probably having pancakes. I don’t have an incredibly fantastic pancake recipe, but mine were probably a little different than what you grew up eating. That’s because even though we did have regular bottled syrup to choose from, mom would make this special Microwaveable 4 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup to go with them. It’s not for everybody, but I LOVE it and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember being so excited to catch a whiff of chocolate from the hallway near the kitchen.

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Easy Made From Scratch Biscuits

I have lots of fond memories of being small, and most of them revolved around reading books and didn’t really realize I was such an avid reader until I started packing up my old room at my parent’s house. I found myself becoming incredibly excited with each title, from Stephanie’s Ponytail, to The Suns Asleep Behind the Hill I remembered reading them with together. One of my most favorite books, Sodysallyratus,  shared a recipe for Easy Made From Scratch Biscuits and if I was especially nice every once in a while on the weekend (and she had a little more time) my mom would make them for breakfast or dinner.

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