5 Ways to Use Bottle Brush Trees This Christmas

I have long loved bottle brush trees. I remember using my first ones in a snowglobe my winter semester as a freshman in college as a DIY Christmas gift. My obsession has two parts. The first that it screams vintage Christmas – which I ADORE. The second that they are miniature, and I like all things small. All I wanted was to know how to incorporate them into my home decor. So after much thought and research – I wrote my own post. Below are 5 ways to use bottle brush trees this Christmas!

5 Ways to Use Bottle Brush Trees This Christmas

1. Bottle Brush Tree Cake Topper

Bottle Brush Tree

Seriously, what is more darling than a miniature forest atop a cake? I used white frosting and sugar to give it the appearance of snow! They would probably be just as adorable on top of cupcakes, you could make a full on winter scene out of them then. To do this I detached the trees from their base (because it was painted and hello I didn’t want lead poisoning) and then inserted the wire into the top of the cake. I took care to cover any evidence that the tree bases were wire with sugar. I LOVE how this turned out! Super easy and cute to bring to any holiday party.

2. Bottle Brush Tree Ornament

To do this I simply bought some clear and empty glass sphere ornaments from hobby lobby. Then I maneuvered a bottle brush christmas tree down inside with tweezers. I chose to cover the bottom of the base of the tree in hot glue so it would stick. Next I put some fake snow inside and BAM – you have a bottle brush tree snow globe ornament!

3. Bottle Brush Mantle Decoration

Now I don’t actually have a mantle, one day I will. But for now I have the beautiful entryway table that my great grandmother used to hide her smokes in. It’s perfect! Throw some deer (even if they’re not reindeer) up there with bottle brush trees. Take care to alternate heights so it looks like a realistic forest line and you’re set!

4. Bottle Brush Tree Stir Stick

Looking for a way to add some holiday magic to your morning coffee? Or better yet, spruce up a holiday coffee bar at the Christmas party? Add a miniature bottle brush tree to top off your stir stick! I simply disconnected the wooden base and hot glued it and inserted it into the top of the stir stick. Isn’t it cute?!

5. Bottle Brush Tree Terrarium

This is super easy to throw together, doesn’t take up a lot of space and is simply truly darling! To make this terrarium (like I mentioned I LOVE miniatures) I found a clear vase. Trust me, I had lots of these left over from the wedding. Then I put some fake snow, a miniature reindeer and bottle brush trees inside making a snow meadow scene. I think it’s perfect and love that it’s confined to a few inches! It’s the perfect way to use your vases when flowers aren’t in season.

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